Men’s Accessories Guide: Pocket Squares

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Men’s Accessories Guide: Pocket Squares

Accessories available for men are one of the important parts of their outfits. As it is correctly said that it is the men’s accessories that make or break a look. With the right accessory you can completely own your style.

One of the men’s accessories that are often misunderstood is the handkerchief you see in the breast pocket of suits jacket most commonly known as the pocket square. For the starters, not everyone has a clue about what color they should go for, what fabric would be good or how to fold it nicely.

However, this shouldn’t be that big a deal. It is a rather simple piece of accessory that you may conquer if you follow some simple rules as the set standards tell us.

Rule No. 1

First of all, you should remove this misconception that pocket squares are supposed to be identical with the tie. It is the opposite, in fact. The two should not be identical, at all.

You may have seen patterned silk squares attached with ties but you shouldn’t consider wearing them. Choose a different pocket square that grabs the attention to your suit, something in contrast would look nice.

Also, make sure that it blends well with your overall outfit. A pocket square is there to make your suit look great and definitely not there to overpower it.

Rule No. 2

The handkerchief in the shape of square is not there for you to use it is there for show purpose and nothing else. So, never use it for wiping off things, carry another white plain handkerchief in the back pocket of your trouser for such usage.

A pocket square gives of a really elegant and complete vibe and gives off a good impression as well.

If you are a real fashionista seeking for original style then you should 100 percent avoid the fake pocket squares that many retailers are selling these days. They are made of cardboard and fabric is attached to it, like a pre-tied bow-tie, etc.

If you want to feel the actual elegance then you shouldn’t seek any shortcuts. The feeling one may get by actually folding a pocket square nicely or tying a proper bow tie or tie can never be compared to the pre-folded or pre-tied ones.

If you choose the right path of fashion you will find a natural confidence build up that is harder to find otherwise.