David Beckham’s Style Statement

David Beckham’s Style Statement

David Beckham’s Style Statement

We all know the Beckham’s family is the star family that is winning the fashion game. Be it the sons Romeo or Brooklyn Beckham or Victoria Beckham everyone from the family knows how to dress and we can say that it runs in their blood.

The football player David Beckham has his own charms though and no one can beat that. There is no denying in the fact that even in is forties he makes all the ladies and girls swoon over him especially through his always on point dressing. The father of our never fails to impress and is always ahead in the game. When it comes to fashion it is not just ladies who swoon over him, all they guys admits to his charismatic personality and sense of fashion as well.

The footballer retired in 2013 but still maintains his personal style and easily tops the list for best dressed men.

Beckham’s wardrobe has it all from classic tailored suits to casual t-shirts, jerseys and leather jackets. We have seen Beckham in his different looks and everyone will agree when we say that he absolutely has nailed them all.

When it’s Beckham it doesn’t matter if it is a tux or some casual shorts. He simply pulls off anything.

We have made a list of different looks of Beckham.

Beckham is not much on the hippy side of the fashion but when he wears casual he likes to spice it up a bit with some accessories like his slouchy beanie and bracelets. Beckham here wore a small casual look with brown shade of suit and a gray t-shirt inside with camel brown shoes.

We often see Beckham wearing these long coats and we absolutely love it! He has also worn scarves on various different occasions.

Beckham is not afraid to pair his denim shirt with black denim jeans when he is looking for a more casual look. We think Beckham looks great in casuals as well as in formals. We can’t choose one.

Beckham looks extremely handsome wearing his coat over his suit and we love how classic vibes it is giving.

From time to time he wears a simple classic staple suit yet manages to look so cool in it.