Shirts Zone: Button-up or Button-down

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Shirts Zone: Button-up or Button-down

This goes without saying that almost everyone has a button down or button up shirt, somewhere in their wardrobe. However, we know many people are confused between these two and don’t know what they should be calling it. So, for that matter we bring to you a little explanation as to whether or not they are the same thing.

First of all, they are quite similar and hence, the confusion. But, there is one small detail that separates the two. Let’s take a look at that.

Button down shirts

Button down shirts originated back in the 19th century England, and many say that it was aimed for polo players to wear. Let us explain why and how it would have been functional for them.

So, like button up shirts, button down shirts also have buttons in the middle of the shirt the difference is that button down shirts have small buttons right below the collars which fastens to the button holes in the collar’s tips. Since, it fastens the collars down to the shirt they are called button down shirts. This is why polo players used to wear it because they could button down the collars during their matches they also got famous as polo collars, too.

Initially the polo collars were like a home remedy kind of thing so that the collars wouldn’t disturb the player as they play and wouldn’t come in their eyes or face. However, later a man named John E. Brooks also the grandson of Brooks Brothers founder and Brooks Brothers which is one of America’s oldest clothing retailers, noticed this and pointed it out to his grandfather who then introduced the button down shirts which got instantly adopted by Ivy league students and the former president John F. Kennedy.

Button Up Shirts

Which leave us with the shirts that do not have any buttons underneath the collars and so, they are called button up shirts. They are also called dress shirts, button fronts, etc.

So, basically a button down is always a button up but a button up can’t be button down.

Now, that you know the difference between the two, we hope that your confusion would have been removed as well.