Different Seasons, Different Colors

Color That Never Escapes Form

Different Seasons, Different Colors

As people decide the best colors for themselves they often only look for their natural features but there is one more important factor and that is different seasons. Yes, a man who knows fashion and know his way to dressing well would always consider seasons as well.

For example: you may happen to have this one suit in a darker shade with a  dark dress shirt that looks just gorgeous on you but if you wear this to a summer event you may regret it as it may cause you to feel hot resulting in a lot of sweating.

So, here is a simple guide for you about which of the colors are best for which seasons.

Spring Season

Spring is season the season where everything is starting anew and hence, very fresh. Perfect colors for this season are lighter shades of blue, pink, lavenders and similar shades. White also works well. As for the patterns, checks with multi color that are more on the lighter side are also appreciated and looks refreshing then the overpowering ones.

As the weather turns more towards the warmer side you may also want to switch the fabrics of your dress shirts towards lighter side.

Summer Season

This is a season where you should not only take care of the colors but you would also have to turn towards light-weight fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, etc.

As for the colors and patterns, they are appreciated when they are light yet bold. Red check shirts or gold stripe shirts, both are good examples.

Fall Season

In this season you should turn back towards heavier fabric and earthly tones. Patterns are appreciated like some fancy check or stripes besides the color white in it and some mute toned blues.

As for the fabrics it is a great time to be wearing blends.

Winter Season

Winter is the official season where fabrics turn heavier as the color shades turn darker. Flannels, oxfords, etc. are the options that you can choose from.

Aside from a pink shirt you can also wear forest green or different brown shades during this season.

In winters, fabrics are the most important thing you should invest in. if you choose a good warm fabric then you are good for multiple winters.