Guide to Mens Suits Long vs Regular

Guide to Mens Suits Long vs Regular

To help you get to know the basics of mens suits long vs regular sizing, first note that this depends on your height. A regular mens suit usually fits a height of 5’8″ to 5’10” whereas a long mens suit will fit better on men with heights between 5’11” to 6’2″. Mens suits with sizes indicating an “L” refers to a long suit and sizes with “R” denotes a regular size. These also denote the suit jacket length. Knowing these simple basics are a plus when it comes to shopping for a good fit.

Choosing Mens Suits Long vs Regular

When choosing between mens suits long vs regular, keep in mind your natural measurements and what feels most comfortable to you. After all, you’ll need to have the confidence to pull off a suit and confidence comes with a mens suit that fits just right. Aside from your height, take note of your body build. Different bodies are built differently and this also affects the way a mens suit will drape over your body fittingly. A taller than average man with a slender body build will need an ultra slim suit with a long sizing. A man with an average height and sturdy stature will look best in a regular suit size.

Best Mens Suits Long vs Regular Styles

Styling for mens suits long vs regular can vary depending on your preference and personality or occasion. For taller men in a long mens suit sizing, don’t shy away from using bold colors or patterns. Opt for a double breasted suit on important occasions to impress. Choose various textures and fabrics that can add weight to your height. For those using a regular mens suit size, a one button or two button suit will do wonders on a day to day basis and for more fancy events, play with solid colors as well as accessories.

Mens Suits Long vs Regular Size Online

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