An Introduction to a Dress Shirt for the Beginners

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An Introduction to a Dress Shirt for the Beginners

Everyone knows what a dress shirt is despite the fact that they have ever worn it or not. However, we decided to put some of the simpler facts regarding a dress shirt so that beginners can have an introduction to it.

It is a button-up or down shirt with long sleeves and a collar. Unlike sports shirt that doesn’t look right with a tie as they are designed to be worn without it. A dress shirt is made or designed to be worn with a jacket and a tie however, you can wear one without either one of those.

They are also specific for formalwear and they come in a wide variety depending upon different styles and cuts of collars and cuffs. Short sleeved button up shirts are not to be mixed with it as these cannot be worn with a jacket.

Unlike previous times, when a dress shirt was only to be worn with a jacket today it has become a much prominent piece of article in many of the outfits. This is also the reason why many different colors and patterns are available.

Whether you want to go casual, smart-casuals or formals, dress shirts are your go-to. They look equally good in smart casuals like chinos and tie as they do with a suit and tie. The versatility is to die for.

When it comes to fitting you should makes sure that the fit is perfect for you i.e. it doesn’t restrict your movements.

If you want to avoid your sweat getting absorbed in your shirts collars then wear an undershirt. A crew neck may peak out of the shirt however, if you do not want that wear a v-neck shirt.

As mentioned before a dress shirt comes in a wide variety of different colors and patterns. Lavender, pink, blue etc. if right shirt is worn even with a typical suit it pops out a very sharp personality.

A very useful advice to all the beginners is that while shopping for dress shirts don’t buy extremes, buy neutral ones first that would go well with all your suits and trousers or chinos then start increasing your collection as you already have the essential ones, you are free to experiment.