Reasons why Gong Yoo is the Best Dressed South Korean Male Celeb

Reasons why Gong Yoo is the Best Dressed South Korean Male Celeb

Reasons why Gong Yoo is the Best Dressed South Korean Male Celeb

As far as I know, there is no accurate word assigned for someone who always manages to dress and look good but if I were to describe this ‘phenomenon’ to someone I have a list of people’s names that I can take and one of them is Gong Yoo.

Gong-Ji-Cheol better known as Gong Yoo, his stage name, is a talented South Korean actor. Many of you would have known him as the actor from the hit movie “Train to Busan” he played the lead role and his acting was appreciated by the critics. Gong Yoo started getting his fame from one of his early dramas, The Coffee Prince, and that has since continued. If you liked watching Train to Busan you should definitely watch his famous movie, Age of Shadows.

Gong Yoo is a great actor and people already recognize that after doing films like Age of shadows, Train to Busan and silenced he went for a much lighter character in his TV series, Goblin, which was loved by his audience.

Coming back to his dressing, Gong Yoo’s dressing gives very classy yet laid-back vibes. His style can be described in three words casual, classic and relaxed. He is the kind of person who has a really calm and rested personality and his dressing style compliments it. He is the perfect example of the saying, “you wear what you are”.

He has set up some great examples for elevating a role through his dressing. If you see in his dramas and movies you would agree with me that he provides his character meaning through his dressing.

Take a look at this cut from his drama Goblin where he wore this suit as he wanted to depict the class of the great God and it’s not just suit that’s great it is the way he has carried it.

How can I forget about the long coats he wore in Goblin? Goblin influenced the people of Korea to wear these long coats as the stores and brands reported a boom in the sales of Long coats. He wore many long coats in the drama Goblin but these two are my personal favorite.

Goblin brought these fashionable and classy long coats back in South Korea.

This still from his movie Age of Shadows depicts the class of men from 1920s.

And it is not only on-screen that you get to see him this stylish, take a look at his off-screen fashion choices and you would know what all the fuss is about!

Louis Vuitton, Brown melange tweed suit from fall 2017.

Givenchy Vans in Sepia Rose color.

POLO Ralph Lauren, Morgan wool Topcoat.

His photograph posted by Marie Claire showing his daily life as he went to Jeju Island for some Relaxing time after shooting Goblin.

This is why Gong Yoo is just perfect in all his dressings and he just can’t help but set up trends everywhere in Korea raising the bar for men’s fashion a little higher every time he is snapped.