How to Match Your Tie

Guide on how to wear a knit tie

How to Match Your Tie

As multiple articles get written upon this one, we also felt the need to write a simple guide for the confused men around the world about how they should match their tie.

The rule here is to keep it simple in case you don’t like what you see in the mirror change it. Make sure to co-ordinate or clash your tie. It doesn’t matter when it comes to ties you can be as creative as you like just follow this one simple rule, don’t like it, change it!

Solid Color Ties

They are the easiest option when it comes to matching it since it doesn’t have any patterns on it. For example a solid burgundy colored neck tie would go well with a check shirt or navy pin striped suit or a light blue formal dress shirt or a charcoal suit.

As for the fabrics, if you are looking something for a formal event go with shiny silk ties, the shinier they are the more formal it looks. Though, for casuals you can choose from cotton or wool.

Narrow Striped Ties

A tie with multiple colors in narrow stripes is said to be of Italian design. For this you have to make sure that it goes well with the overall color theme of your outfit.

For example a tie that has purple color prominent in it would go well with the color similar to that shade like lavender, rose pink etc.

And a tie that has brown shade prominent in it would look even better with olive, tan or beige suit than it would with a gray or charcoal suit.

Classic Striped Tie

A classic striped tie is the one that has two contrasting colors in stripes pattern. For example, a cherry red and white striped tie.

A tie that has wide stripes looks good on a suit or shirt that has narrow stripes or a check pattern on it.

Paisley Tie

These were originated back in 16th century, Persia. Paisley is like a tear drop pattern. It is said that the shape is taken from shoots of young date palm

Paisley ties of today have gotten much smaller than the ones before just like a small polka dot.

Another one of the common tie is polka dots which are worn depending upon the pattern of shirts and suits. The pattern of the shirts and suits should be different in size and would be better if different in shape as well.