Cary Grant’s Style Tips

Cary Grant’s Style Tips

Cary Grant’s Style Tips

Many cannot even imagine looking as classy as the stylish and iconic English-American actor, Cary Grant, but we have finally come up with a solution. You can dress like Mr. Grant, and you don’t even have to spend a lot for it. Being a very down to earth and humble man, Mr. Grant’s style was simple yet classic. Here are a few lessons that you can learn from his style and use them to look as charming as the legend.


Fit Comes First

No matter how expensive your suit is, it can never look good if it does not fit you well or if it’s too loose. A cheaper but well-fitting suit can look far much better than it.

Quality Over Quantity

Grant’s father once told him that one good pair of shoes is better than several cheap ones. Cary Grant’s fashion revolved around that one statement. Grant once said that some of his suits were ten to twenty years old. And some of his shoes were five to ten years old. This is because he prioritized quality over quantity. So, investing in a slightly more expensive piece is always better than purchasing an item on sale.


Grant didn’t grow up in a well-to-do family. He has seen many dark days, so he always feared that he could turn poor again any time. Therefore, his advice to the men who can afford only one suit was to go with something simple and versatile. He suggested a dark blue suit made of a lightweight fabric as it works at both day and night.

No Excessive Accessories

To keep the accessories to a minimum, Cary Grant never wore belts with his suits. Instead, he used an alternative for belts: side tabs. That being said, he only wore belts with casual trousers. In a similar way, it was a rare sight to see him with anything extra other than a simple pocket square and a wrist watch. So, try to keep the accessories to a minimum.


Cardigans are one of the most versatile clothing items a man can have in his wardrobe. That is the reason why Grant preferred them. Cardigans can work with nearly everything. You can pair them casually with a pair of denim jeans or wear underneath a suit jacket. Apart from adding a massive amount of class to the outfit, cardigans provide the wearer some warmth and make it easy to go through spring and autumn. Cardigans can also protect the clothes you’re wearing underneath them from stains, saving you from changing all your clothes in a hurry.