Different Collar Styles of a Dress Shirt

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Different Collar Styles of a Dress Shirt

A lesser known phenomenon especially to the beginners is that collars are an essential thing when it comes to appearance of your facials. Basically, it is said that they work as the frame for the face. Men’s dress shirt collars are of different sizes, style, and color.

No matter if you button your jacket or not, a dress shirt’s collar is always going to be visible and plays an important role in the visuals of your facial appearance to the observers.

As mentioned before, collars come in different styles but two main types are turndown collars and wing collars.

Turndown Collars

These are the common and usual ones that every man has in their closet it is like a staple for every gentleman. It does have its own individuality though as it has some variations, it lets men work their way out.

These collars are turned down and form a triangle. The angles of triangle are what varies and let individual have their own preferred individual style.

There are two types of turndown collars as well.

Point Collar: they are the common type of turndown collars. These collars are cut in a way that the two points of the triangles are close together such that it even hides the top side of the tie, sometimes.

Note: a longer and closer cut is known to drive attention away from the face and towards the tie but a suitable and appropriate cut does the job better of framing the tie and bringing attention to the face.

Cutaway Collar: also known as spread collars. This one is pretty common too. The difference is that the triangle pointers are spread or cut away so that you can showcase a larger tie knot.

These come in different widths and it depends upon you and your body shape. A very wide spread collar gives an even wider visual to wider figures and work well in proportion the body balance for the thin people.

Wing Collars

These collars are the one that is worn with a tux. It is a shirt collar that isn’t turn down but rather has two small wings to the front which are tucked nicely behind a bow-tie.

These collars are not the ones that you wear daily or casually, they are specific to the formalwear.

There are many other different kinds of collars but these are the ones that are kind of popular and are seen almost everywhere.