How to Pull off the Great Gatsby Look

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How to Pull off the Great Gatsby Look

Every classic fan is greatly thankful to the outrageous movie for bringing the 1920’s vibe back into fashion. Moreover, they brought back the 1920’s fashion and time so perfectly that we couldn’t move an inch during the entire movie, then struggled to get back into today’s time.

From the architecture of the buildings in the movie to the tiny pearl of a jewelry, we declared everything as praiseworthy. Almost everyone the fashion from the movie is about to live on for a long time and apparently, it still is flourishing and being copied all around the globe.


We know you must be thinking that going for the Gatsby look would be very tricky but that’s what we are here for, old sport. We got you covered!


It is Not Going to Take A Lot of Your Savings to Look Like Mr.Gatsby

With the right information about what to get and how to get it, you will easily be able to look like Mr.Gatsby, well almost like him. The first thing to do is get into the feeling that you were born and raised like Gatsby; just to get into the character, no strings attached.



Don’t have enough money to get a tailcoat tailored? No problem. You don’t even need to buy a high priced suit, you will easily be able to rent a 1920’s style tailcoat and you will be good to go!

We Even Got Inspired By the Gangster Looks - The Decent Ones

We are definitely not promoting any sort of negativity here, just to be clear. It’s just undeniable that the gangster look from the Great Gatsby was just worth copying.



Firstly, get yourself a hat, a black hat. A shiny and sparkly tie that can seen from a distance and of course, a striped suit that is not too oversized, you do not want to look like you stole your father’s clothes for your first prom.

Now Comes The Striped Blazer


This one style is actually coming back into fashion quite normally. The fashion industry is going for bright colored stripes a lot these days. So, that becomes a lot easier for you, doesn’t it? Since the style is very much in fashion, you will feel less shy while going for a striped blazer paired with a black trouser.