Jared Leto’s Style Guide

Jared Leto’s Style Guide

Jared Leto’s Style Guide

Jared Leto was once labelled as the worst dresser by the GQ but now has managed to set his own fashion genre. Jared Leto an actor and singer with his controversial style and dressing is liked by many and disliked by many as well.

When it comes to his dressing Jared has done many variations to it. These variations not only include his dressing but his hair. He is the kind of person that has done it all be it long hair, short hair, mohawk cut, white dye, pink dye etc.

Though, not all of his looks are perfect but there is a lot that we can take from him and besides he looks good in whatever he wears so, Go Jared!

Casual look :

Jared Leto is mostly famous for his unique style that can only be seen on a fashion runway but that doesn’t mean he can’t do a relaxed casual look. For this he prefers bomber jackets over t-shorts and a good pair of denims and for adding more to the casual fashion he finishes the look with a pair of sunglasses.

Leather Jackets:

He is also famous for his pop rock look and is often seen wearing a leather jacket. One of his timeless clothing articles as we got to see him wearing it in all of his phases.

All about details:

Jared always looked out for the details in his suits. Famous for his unique outfits on red carpet he loves to add detailing too his attire like a diamond shaped bowtie and pocket squares etc. he was not a believer of following rules when it came to wearing suits at red carpet and which can easily be seen.

Famous green coat :

In the premiere of suicide squad in London Jared wore a green suit paired with pink pants. As we said Jared is known for bringing runway style to real life this look was from Gucci’s Milan runway. Jared never fails to show that there is no such thing as rules when it comes to fashion and styling.

Many of his other famous looks include colored coats on the red carpets and other events. Besides colored coats he often wears patterned or printed or floral suits and absolutely owns the look.