Difference Between Formal and Informal Suits

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Difference Between Formal and Informal Suits

To put it into simpler words, any suit that is worn in a setting other than a formal setting, would be termed as an informal suit. It sounds pretty obvious, doesn’t it? To the people who are very familiar with all sorts of suits, yes it sounds obvious. But the people who aren’t quite good with distinguishing different sorts of suits, it sounds a bit hard.



We are at service for all those who have trouble choosing the right suit for an event, you know who you are. Usually, people hesitate in asking about the right kind of suit for some event, they can’t be blamed because some people actually get all high and mighty just because someone has asked them about what is exactly a formal suit.


Unlike those people, we will not act that way and tell you pretty nicely about what makes an informal and formal suit different from each other. Once you know the basics, the rest of the differences will be easy to identify.


Formal Suits Are Always in Darker Shades

It’s the most basic step you take while getting a formal suit. The easiest step as well so do yourself a favor and don’t opt for a lighter shade of suit for a formal setting. The lighter shades look best for an informal environment. Darker shades somewhat indicate the formalness of the type of event you are at.

Never Skip a Silk Tie on a Formal Suit

These are all the little details that collectively make a suit look formal. Without a tie, your suit will not be considered formal. If a firm offers you flexibility for the dresscode and you can comfortably wear a suit without a tie there, it means that their environment just doesn’t follow the formal rules strictly. Don’t confuse the flexibility with the formalness of a suit.

Formal Suits Don’t Have Satin Lapels

If you are wondering why there is satin facing on the lapels of a suit that you own, it is simply because that suit is not formal and you should not make the mistake of wearing it to a strictly formal event. Satin represents the fanciness in a suit and they are used for weddings and are commonly known as tuxedos. Tuxedos are also usually known as wedding suits but can be worn on any event of that sort, like a fancy corporate event.