Style rules that every man should know part three

Style rules that every man should know

Style rules that every man should know part three

Style rule six: Buy classics over trends

I am not talking cutting-edge streetwear, what I am talking about here are your more classic basic pieces. The reason being is because when you spend good money on an item, you want to be able to wear it a year from now, two years from now, three years from now. All the sudden those skinny lapels on that jacket that you spent all that money on, you realized they are out of fashion and they never worked for your little bit larger body type and you realized that you just wasted money and that is what you want to avoid. There are tons of classic items that you can build your base wardrobe on. I want to stress, I have nothing against fashion, I think it is something you can introduce into your wardrobe once you have your base build, but your foundation should be classic items. Remember, the style is very important.

Style rule seven: Buy clothing strategically

You want to put together outfits. You don't want to buy individual pieces and let me explain. I am not saying, no, don't go out there and buy an individual piece. Of course, you can buy individual pieces, but when you buy it think about how is this individual piece going to fit into my interchangeable wardrobe. An example, you have got three pairs of shoes, three trousers, three shirts and you got three jackets. Twelve items, and from these twelve items, if they are perfectly interchangeable, you can get eighty-one unique combinations. You will not always be going to have perfect interchangeability but you want to make sure that you are not buying a piece which actually is not going to work, you are not going to get much wear out and if you don't wear it often guys, where is the value?