Style rules that every man should know part one

Style rules that every man should know

Style rules that every man should know part one

Style rule one: Know your measurements

Brands and manufacturers, they are putting out size medium, but what does that mean? That is their medium, they use their own models. There isn't a standard across the board so you need to create your own standards. You need to know, okay, my shoulders are 18 inches across. Guys if you know your measurements, all of a sudden you are getting out of this all subjective sizing and you are getting into objective, hey, I am this exact measurement, I know in my stomach I am this, I know in my chest, I am this, so when I put on a jacket I know what fits me and I am able to more accurately spot it.

Style rule two: Control your message

Know who you are, know what you stand for, know what you want to get out of this one life that you have got and make sure that your clothing and your mannerisms send that message. What you don't want to have happened is that you don't want to betray people's expectations. Make sure that you actually dress to that because, one, you have got to practice becoming that guy. The other part is that you want to get good with their first impressions because people's first impressions are oftentimes wrong. So the problem here is that it is very difficult to dislodge that first impression, so I would much rather be thought of as smarter and more confident than I actually am than me thought of as less confident or less intelligent because then you are fighting an uphill battle. The main point is, dress to impress and dress to show them all that you have got, and based on your style adjust that dressing.