How To Dress Fashionably In Winter

How To Dress Fashionably In Winter

How To Dress Fashionably In Winter

Winter is the coldest and the most style challenging season for men. The lazy vibes of winter and fewer clothing choices prevents men from looking fashionable. Winter is just around the corner, so we are here with a list that gives you some great and easy styling options that would require little effort and thought.

Denim And Heritage Blazer


A denim and heritage blazer combination is great for a dapper look in winter. The heavyweight fabric of the blazer makes it fit any body frame well while still keeping its shape. If you don’t like heavy fabrics, you can switch to cashmere or flannel for the same results. Make sure your denim is slim so that it gives you a casual and tailored look. Go for a lighter shade in the day and keep the dark denim for the nights. Complete your look with a pair of suede boots, or go for leather lace-ups for a terrific winter look.

Denim Jacket With Wool Trousers


Being famous for its jeans, denim has been available in a jacket form for quite a while now. While wearing double denim is nice, it can be a little overwhelming to the eyes. A great pairing for a denim jacket in winter can be the tapered chino-resembling wool trousers. Use layering to make your look even better. For a regular day, wear your jacket over a plain sweater. For a smart casual look, wear a geo-print button-down shirt along with a waistcoat underneath the jacket. The decent blue of the denim needs to be balanced, so wear more colorful trousers in khaki, navy or violet. Finish off with a silk scarf having a paisley print, and you’ll be all set to meet winter.

Plain T-Shirt With Black Leather Jacket


This list couldn't be complete without a leather top. Leather is famous for its insulating properties which makes it a perfect garment for winter. A leather jacket adds a touch of dazzle to your overall look. Just make sure you don't overdo it and go full retro, as in do not wear anything like big shoulder pads and stovepipe jeans. Instead, keep your jacket simple with minimal metallic components, straps and pockets, and it should be slim fit and cropped. Your T-shirt should be plain and simple as well, having a solid black or white color. Pair your top with black or blue jeans, and finish off with a pair of Chelsea boots.