Stripes Trending in 2018

Stripes Trending in 2018
Stripes Trending in 2018

The year 2018 started with some great fashion trends and we saw comeback of many different clothing articles along with patterns. Stripes are said to be the cool thing this summer. This is for sure not a surprise stripes have always been in fashion for a very long time and we can say that they are timeless.

The two things stripes symbolise strongly are power suiting and casual summers. It is much more than that, though. Stripes are one of the most common fashion trends but people somehow still mess it up by breaking the rules that we prefer not to be broken.

So for that matter we have brought a list of celebs wearing stripes the right way. We hope you get inspired!

Daniel Radcliffe shows us that stripes can look good with almost anything. He wore a classic black and white striped t-shirt under his blue suit and for his footwear he chose the color brown. We can’t think of anything more perfect than this. From his harry potter days to now we see Daniel has grown up so much in every aspect.

It doesn’t always have to be a striped shirt or suit you can wear striped jeans like Harry Styles with plain white t-shirt and brown shoes. His overall attire gives us a pop-rock kind of vibe and we love the outfits that make a statement.

When it comes to red carpets Ryan Gosling kills it he seems to own the red carpet look every time and no matter if it is casual or formal Ryan knows how to dress up to win. Here he is wearing a classic striped suit which is a bit subtle than his other outfits but we love his simple look as he paired it with a crisp white shirt and narrow black tie.

One thing that you would want to keep in mind is that horizontal stripes are different than the vertical stripes. Vertical stripes are preferred by the people with short height, patterns can do wonders to your appearance and so vertical stripes adds an illusion for the short height. Horizontal stripes however, horizontal stripe is said to make you broader so if you are already someone with a broad stature then you should avoid wearing horizontal and choose vertical over horizontal.