Not Your Average Black Suit Guy: Samuel L. Jackson

Not Your Average Black Suit Guy Samuel L. Jackson

Not Your Average Black Suit Guy: Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson started his career in his forties but that does not mean he was left behind or anything. He has done justice to some of the most amazing characters and everyone loves him for that.

Samuel is not a new name when it comes dressing boldly. The actor is now 69 years old but still manages to awestruck the audience with his appearance on different events and occasions. Since you’d know what compliments your skin best, going for clothes shopping will have more ease while you’re at it!

Jackson was always a fashion lover and he never wanted to be in a queue with everyone else wearing a black suit. It is a famous story how Jackson once got a purple velvet suit tailored from Armani. At first, they were a bit taken back on the choice but they made him his suit which later became a staple for Amani. This shows the Samuel effect on the fashion industry.

The actor also told the media that he has a clause in his contract that he can keep the clothes that he fancies. So he used to take the suits with him that pleased him. He always stood out when it came to dressing. When he was little his mom who was a buyer in a shopping mall used to make him wear next year’s sample dresses so even as a kid he was dressed differently. The actor also claims that London made him realise his true fashion sense in his words, he found himself.

Samuel L. Jackson never feared to make bold choices and his charming personality also favored him in it. The guy can pull off bright colors so easily. Start wearing black this season and you may find yourself pulling off every other colour with confidence too. However, black is the color that can very well become even more common in menswear as the years roll on!

Recently our bold Jackson was seen in one such attire on the London premier of The Incredibles 2. He wore a bright red checked suit and the suit was giving some serious 1960s vibes. Jackson knows how to pull off difficult attire so he paired his suit with a contemporary and artsy printed t-shirt and sported a fedora hat in ivory. Adding details to his look for a perfect finish he chose peach framed glasses and for his footwear, he chose red leather perforated slip-on. The look was perfect for the premier according to us and he owned it very well.