Pierce Brosnan’s All-time Winning Looks

Pierce Brosnan’s All-time Winning Looks

Pierce Brosnan’s All-time Winning Looks

Bond. James Bond, who does not remember this famous introduction from Pierce Brosnan?

Pierce Brosnan the Irish actor, producer and activist is best known for his role as James Bond 007.  Besides his role as James Bond he gave us many other reasons to adore him. When it comes to dressing and styling James Brosnan has a very sleek sense of fashion and his overall charismatic personality makes him look even more amazing. Looking at his dressing on different events and occasion other than on-screen we can tell you that Brosnan is very fond of suits.

The saying goes well with Pierce Brosnan that men grew handsome with their age. Brosnan has grown well in his dressing too. We have seen him sporting really trendy and nice looking suits on red carpets and other events. He pulls off suits so effortlessly.

It is a mystery for many people that how can Brosnan at the age of 65 can look this dapper? We think that his sense of dressing has a major role in it. He knows how to own a look and he also knows what works well with his age and personality. The charisma that oozes out when he wears a suit is incomparable. He is too handsome for his age that is my point here.

Seeing Brosnan dress so well we can only imagine how proud his five kids would be!

Brosnan has a very relaxed style and he has often made some really good appearances when it comes to airport fashion.

We love when Brosnan wears casual and dress down but it is a whole another story when the former James Bond decides to wear a suit. Take a look!

Pierce Brosnan wearing this black suit and trousers with a white inner shirt and no tie. He left his top two buttons open fo a relaxed casual look. For the accessory he chose to go with a simple white pocket square. With that beautiful smile we admire his simple style!

In contrast with his relaxed casual look, he wore a classy and formal suit. Gray striped suit, white undershirt and a light blue tie detailing it with a white pocket square. He can carry out any look he wants.

This is one of our favorite looks of Pierce Brosnan. There is so much going on in this suit but we love how it is all put together, so well!