3 most common beginner men style mistakes

3 most common beginner men style mistakes

3 most common beginner men style mistakes

Here are 3 young men’s style mistakes or beginner mistakes, and how you can avoid them:

Style mistakes, number 1: Wearing a lot of black jackets and black suits

Most people think a black suit is the first thing they should invest in because it can work for business and you can actually wear it for funerals. But other than that, it has a very limited range of use. Instead, you should invest in a dark navy suit or in a dark charcoal suit, because they are more versatile and they are not all black and not so harsh. You can combine them in many different ways and that is the choice of elegant gentlemen. Don’t let the ubiquity of black suits fool you.

Style mistakes, number 2: Investing in boxy toe shoes

Boxy style of shoes is exclusively found in low and cheap shoes. If you want to invest in quality shoes, I suggest you choose more stylish ones, like the black oxford shoes, or a nice pair of loafers.

Style mistakes, number 3: Having too many accessories in one outfit

When you first get interested in style, you learn more about patterns and colors and you want to mix them and learn about pattern matching. Over time, you just add up all of these different accessories that overwhelm your outfit and it’s just too much. People will not be able to look you in the eye because you have so much going on that is just a distraction. If you go with one loud accessory like a green tie, you pair it with a plain solid shirt, a fine basic brown jacket, and a simple pocket square, and that way it looks polished, your outfit is elegant, but not over the top.