4 everyday carry essentials that every man should have

These are 4 everyday carry essentials that every man should have

These are things you should always carry with you, but of course, there are things that you might or might not consider for your everyday essentials, depending on your needs and preferences. Three items you should always have with you are a smartphone, a wallet, and your keys, but here are 4 more things you should put in your everyday carry essentials if you already haven’t:

Everyday carry essentials, number 1: Handkerchief

This is an everyday carry essential for true gentlemen. It’s not a pocket square but a white linen or cotton handkerchief that you can wear in your pants pocket, you can use it to rub some dirt, to clean up a spill, or help out if there is no napkin available, so what’s the difference to a pocket square? Pocket squares are usually decorative and not meant to be used, like a handkerchief, which is definitely meant to be used and not necessarily meant to be seen.

Everyday carry essentials, number 2: Briefcase or messenger bag

Traditionally gentleman would wear an attache case or a briefcase, but a modern gentleman is more likely to have a messenger bag. If you wear a suit to work, it’s better to go with something dressier maybe in leather, but skip the backpack because it makes you look like a schoolboy.

Everyday carry essentials, number 3: USB charger

It’s good to carry a USB charger with you, so you can charge your phone or any other electric devices. Also, there are portable chargers which can be really handy too, but try to choose smaller ones.

Everyday carry essentials, number 4: A small stain remover

If you are prone to getting your clothes stained maybe having a little liquid stain remover is a great idea, because it simply helps you to protect yourself from stains on your ties and it’s a good first-aid treatment. Of course afterward, you have to do a proper cleaning.