Style Icon Donald Glover

Style Icon Donald Glover

Style Icon Donald Glover

After the hit latest song release, “This is America”, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t know or who is not familiar with Donald Glover also known as Childish Gambino. His recent song release hit 32 million views within the span of two days only and has become one of the most famous videos of 2018. Besides his raps he is a genius who provided us with the famous comedy show “Atlanta” he has not only starred in this show he has contributed in this show as a director, co-writer, creator and producer. He also does great stand-up comedies.

He is just phenomenal in everything he does be it acting, raping, comedy and dressing. Yes! The man with many talents knows how to dress himself up. Donald Glover has a great taste in fashion and when it comes to red carpets and premiers he just kills it with his bold choices that no one besides Glover would make and absolutely own that look.

Even though, mostly all his fashion choices are a hit but we specifically love these. Take a look!

This is what Donald Glover wore in the 2018 Grammy Awards red carpet. He paired his all-white outfit with black pair of loafers that look absolutely stunning. If we look at the detailing of his suit which is his patterned white coat and a white bow tie over white shirt, they all go really well together. If anyone other than him would have worn this it would have been such a fashion disaster but it works because it’s Glover.

Donald Glover likes to wear bigger bow ties and we are not complaining at all, they look really amazing too. He wore this one on 2018 Met Gala and if you look at the detailing of his suit you would know what we are talking about. The color of his suit, lapels and white-gold loafers everything sits well together and nothing looks odd.

One of the boldest looks Donald Glover ever wore is definitely this one. Let’s be honest no one would have ever pulled this one off as well as Donald did. He wore this one on the premier of Black Panther and no one else was dressed as risky as Donald. But he even pulled off this orange Gucci suit with his personality (of course) and the right pairing of black shoes and printed orange and black shirt.

The looks that he carries are mostly the kind of looks that require a very good fitting. This is one of the reasons that most of his suits no matter how bold or risky they are at the end go well. They are just the perfect fit for him and also his personality is stellar enough to pull off all these bold looks.