12 Turtlenecks to wear this winter for Looking More Classy and Handsome

The story of turtlenecks is no less than a fairytale!

In 1950s, they used to be an iconic style icon. Warren Beatty, James Dean, Elvis Presley – all used to wear Turtlenecks.

The fashion became more popular in 1960s and reached at peak in 70s. However, in early, 80s it began to become less popular and completely vanished by 2000s.

12 Turtlenecks to wear this winter for Looking More Classy and Handsome

For a brief period, Turtlenecks were out of market.

However, the times have started changing and people have started showing interest in Turtleneck sweaters and jumpers. It’s slowly making a comeback.

So, want to join the trend?

Well, then we have something for you:

A list of cool turtleneck wears that you must try this winter

They will help you level up your style game and look your best. So, without wasting any time, let’s begin:

1. Uniqlo Turtleneck Sweater

This turtleneck is your safest bet if you’re new into the trend and don’t know which Turtleneck sweater you must choose.

2. Everlane Cashmere Mockneck

In case you’re a little afraid to go turtleneck because of its unconventional looks, Mockneck is a better option.

3. Todd Snyder Ski Sweater

Go for this one if you stay near hills. While the long neck will give you an edge over your style, the warm cloth will protect you from chilly air. It’s a choice that you wouldn’t regret.

4. Theory Silk Cashmere Ribbed Turtleneck

This is one of the softest turtleneck sweaters you’ll ever find. Perhaps, that’s the reason, you can even wear it with your suit. You’ll admire it for sure.

5. The Gigi Rollneck Wool Sweater

Have a fetish for printed sweaters? This is the perfect match for you then. It will make you look cool without trying too much.

Wear this one with black pants. You’ll look smashing.

6. Acne Nalle heavy rib turtleneck

This oversized Turtleneck sweater goes perfect with modern clothes like ripped jeans and heavy boots.
You’ll admire this one for sure.

7. Classic Turtleneck Jumper

Oh! You can never go wrong with this one. It will make you look more slim and fit. Especially if you’re tall and ripped – the jumper will look impressive on you.

8. Zegna Wool and Cashmere Rollneck Sweater

Wear the sweater under a tweeted or navy blazer and you’ll receive heaps of compliments. People wouldn’t stop praising your impressive style and gorgeous looks.

9. Tom Ford Turtleneck Sweater

If I were at your place, I would’ve definitely chosen this one. Just look at it. It’s perfectly crafted and the material will keep you warm during the chilliest weathers. This is your best bet.

10. J.Crew Cashmere Turtleneck

This one’s a little costly but you know great things don’t come at a cheap price. The turtleneck sweater will completely improve your style quotient and make you look smarter.
The sweater is available in 2 colors: navy and heathered toffee. Both are fab. So, you can choose the one that matches your style and class.

11. Nordstrom Melino Ribbed Trim Turtleneck

Even though, this turtleneck sweater is not something you had dreamed of – it can be an excellent choice.
However, first you need to know that the wear is available only in limited sizes (for XL and XXL).

12. Lands’End Merino Turtleneck

The sweater is meant for people who have a lean built. Plus, it will go perfect with skinny and narrow jeans. You must go for it.

Now, you have 12 different turtlenecks to choose from. So, which one are you planning to buy this summer? Let us know. We’re excited to hear from you.