How to rock a patterned suit

Windowpane Suit

Wearing a patterned suit is not something that should be feared or avoided. There are numerous different
colors, patterns, and fabrics that your suit could be made from and you can look incredible in. Looking flawless is quite easy and effortless in a simple black suit, a patterned suit is slightly more difficult to pull off and requires a bit more time and effort when choosing the design. Here are some of the things you need to think about when adding a patterned suit to your collection.

When to wear a patterned suit?

Suits nowadays can be worn for almost every occasion, this can’t be said for a patterned suit. Avoid occasions such as formal weddings, business meeting, and funerals, you don’t want to be the center of attention all the time.
So, when can I wear my patterned suit? A pattern suit is the perfect piece of clothing for parties, informal weddings or an evening drink in a nice bar.

Don’t go over the top!

A patterned suit is very extravagant and bold, and it can be worn with different accessories like ties and shirts, but make sure the suit is the focal point. You do not want too many attention-grabbing parts on your suit or it will look clustered and unflattering.
When choosing the right shirt for your suit, try and keep it simple. You can add color if you would like to and it is a personal choice, but you can never go wrong with a plain, smart white shirt. This way you will look smart and the suit will not be fighting for attention.

What type of pattern should I choose?

The best way to wear a patterned suit is with confidence.  Your suit will be very eye-catching, and you will most likely be the center of attention wherever you go. There are many different types of patterned suits you can choose from, but the most popular style is striped suits, plaid suits, and windowpane suits.

Striped Suits

When you think of a striped suit, the first thing that comes to mind might be a suit for the older generation or business-men, but this is definitely no longer the case. Striped suits, if styled correctly can look, fashionable and cool. If you're tall then striped suits should be avoided unless you want to look taller than you already are. There are different types of stripes you can have on your suit, so try a few different types such as chalk stripes and pinstripes and see what type you prefer.

Plaid Suits

This style is typically worn on jackets and not on full suits but that’s not to say that it can’t be. Plaid works best in darker shades such as navy or dark green. This is more winter wear than summer wear as it’s normally worn on fabrics such as wool. Plaid is best worn with plain color shirts and ties, just so the attention isn’t drawn away from the suit.

Windowpane Suits

If you want all eyes on you, then this is the pattern for you. Windowpane is very bold and loud but can look incredible if worn correctly. It is also normally only found on jackets but can be worn as a whole suit for that knockout look. Since windowpane print is normally quite large, if you were feeling brave you could add a patterned shirt but make sure it has smaller checks so it doe not clash. If your not that brave then a plain, clean white shirt works just as well and looks just as jaw-dropping when put together with your windowpane suit. 

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