3 style tips on how women want men to dress

3 style tips on how women want men to dress
Women want men to dress stylish, classy, sophisticated and a little bit dangerous, but the best outfits are when you wear a monochromatic look. Monochromatic doesn’t mean you are wearing the same shade of the color, for example, if you are going for a gray monochromatic look you don’t have to wear the same shades of gray. Here are some tips on how to rock monochromatic look without having a boring outfit:

Monochromatic style tips, number 1: Have a contrast

If you are pairing gray jeans, dark gray boots, and darker gray belt, wear a light gray shirt, that way you will make a contrast, or if you are wearing all outfit dark gray, change the shade of your jeans, to a lighter one. If you don’t have a contrast your outfit would look bad and too dark. You can also combine a black sweater with the previous outfit because black looks good with gray.

Monochromatic style tips, number 2: Don’t forget the patterns

A lot of guys think that monochromatic look means that you have o wear a solid color, but the patterns are also a great way to bring something interesting into your outfit and to make it look better. You can make a brown monochromatic look, but to wear a brown patterned coat with it. Don’t go with too crazy patterns but small ones are good.

Monochromatic style tips, number 3: Don’t forget the accessories

Make sure that they work with the outfit and that they are in the same color scheme that you are going with the monochromatic look.

And don’t forget, if you don’t know how to make a good monochromatic look or you just don’t like how gray or brown, or any other colors in this style, you can always go all black. Black is the color that actually looks good when you combine very similar shades.