Summer suits vs Winter suits

 Summer suits vs Winter suits - Seasonal Suits
No matter what the weather or season is, it shouldn’t stop you from looking your best. There’s no need to sweat or surrender wearing a suit during summer or freeze in the winter. There are a variety of suits that you can buy that are perfect for every season and you can mix and match to make a suitable suit for every season. Here is everything that you need to know about finding the perfect suit for the summer and winter seasons.

Summer Suits

There is no reason to avoid wearing a suit during the summer months, certain suits have been designed to keep the wearer sweat free and flawless. Made using light fabrics and half lining its easier than ever to look good during summer. 

Try avoiding layer, thick and bulky fabrics and dark colors. Also, you might want to avoid a tailored fit, try a looser cut.
During summer, you might want to rock a suit in a more casual style. This is easily done. Why not wear a pair of trainers with your suit for a more edgy and relaxed look. For another cool and casual style, you can try replacing a dress shirt with a t-shirt.
Of cause, if your still attending business meetings or you have a wedding to attend then you might still want to go for a more formal style. This is also possible during summer; just make sure to choose a non-synthetic fabric as this will best help you stay cool.

Winter Suits

Once summer vanishes, it’s time to change from your summer suits and t-shirts to something slightly warmer. Of cause the location of where you live will help you decide on what type of fabric you would need for your suit, the colder the climate the thicker the fabric. It is very easy to stay stylish and warm during the winter months.
During the summer months, you would need a suit that is light and breathable, during winter you will require the opposite. When choosing your winter suit to try and stick to half or fully-lined suit jackets, this will help to keep you warm and avoid wrinkles and creases.
If you want to stay warm during the winter season, then choosing a thicker fabric should keep you nice and warm. Avoid fabrics such as cotton, linen, and polyester as these are relatively thin and are more suited for summer. Why not try as fabric such as wool, cashmere or tweed. These types of materials are versatile, breathable, comfortable, thick and durable. These fabrics will make you look stylish and fashionable while keeping you warm and why not add some accessories such as a scarf or a coat to your suit.