How to Make your Suit Last Longer

Suits are the prime assets of your closet. They are elegant, classy and stylish, and that’s the reason they don’t come at a cheap price. Therefore, you need to take care of your assets to make them live longer. Here are a few tips that may help you in this regard. So, follow these and make your suit last longer.

How to Make your Suit Last Longer

Make your suit last longer by dry cleaning moderately

Keeping your suit neat and clean by regular dry cleaning is a good thing, but make sure that you don’t overdo it. If you are dry cleaning you suit every week, it will take away a portion of its expected life. That’s because the natural fiber of the suit will get affected by over dry cleaning. Instead, use soft towel and clothing brush to clean up your suit regularly.

Make your suit last longer by rotating it

If you want to extend the life of your suit, don’t wear it on the daily basis. You should get at least four suits if you have to wear them in that way. So, do not over use any of your suits and make them last longer.

Hang, pack and store your suit properly

While hanging your suit, use the hangers with rounded edges. These will fill the suit shoulders well. That will keep your suit in shape. Apart from that, when you pack your suit, make sure that creases and lapels are well aligned. Then, roll it loosely, so that your suit does not get out of shape. Also, when you store your suit for the next season, get it dry clean first. So that the food particles are removed and the uninvited guests don’t come to have a party over your suit.

Get the proper size

It is important that your suit properly fits you. If it is too tight for you, that will put unnecessary strain on the suit, and that will make it worn out much earlier. So, if you want to make your suit lasts longer, make sure that you wear a proper size.
Suits are precious, so maintain them well and make them last longer. Don’t dry clean them unnecessarily, keep them in rotation, get a proper size and hang, pack or store them in a proper way.

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