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  • “Peaky Blinders” Shows Why We Wouldn’t Mind The Revival Of 1920s Fashion

    The Old Britain Fashion Style! 

    We all know about the great Kingdom that comprises of the most elegant land in the Europe. The Britain empire evolved brilliantly over the few centuries. Let's look at their fashion in the past 18th century.

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  • Style rules that every man should know

    Style rules that every man should know part three

    Style rule six: Buy classics over trends

    I am not talking cutting-edge streetwear, what I am talking about here are your more classic basic pieces. The reason being is because when you spend good money on an item, you want to be able to wear it a year from now, two years from now, three years from now. All the sudden those skinny lapels on that jacket that you spent all that money on, you realized they are out of fashion and they never worked for your little bit larger body type and you realized that you just wasted money and that is what you want to avoid. There are tons of classic items that you can build your base wardrobe on. I want to stress, I have nothing against fashion, I think it is something you can introduce into your wardrobe once you have your base build, but your foundation should be classic items. Remember, the style is very important.

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  • Safari suits, yay or nay?

    Safari suits, yay or nay? 

    Safari suits were in fashion in the early 70's, rocking there way from celebrities to commoners trying to look all classy. To be very honest safari suits go along with monophonic personalities and people who claim to be rich enough to support their classy ambiance.

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  • Dressing sharp for the short man part two

    Dressing sharp for the short man part two

    A lot of problems come from bad clothes choice, and if you buy something that is too loose, or that does not fit you, you have a big problem. You will not look sharp and serious when you appear. That is why you should follow these tips and improve your look.

    Dressing sharp tip number three: Chest, stomach, and torso

    When it comes to the chest when it comes to the rest of the stomach and the torso area, you should always have an inch or inch-and-a-half of extra material in and around the chest and the stomach area. Some of you may prefer to have a little bit more or a little bit less, but once you get below an inch, it is a very form fit and doesn't give you too much. You got to have room to breathe there.

    Dressing sharp tip number four: Sleeve length

    This is off the rack where I see most the mistakes made is that they do not get the sleeves adjusted. If you are thinner, you can also get the sleeves slimmed up as well. With slimmed up sleeves you will look confident, and you will for sure look sharp, and that is going to look a lot better.

    Dressing sharp tip number four: Shirt length

    Because dress shirts are meant to be tucked in, this is something that if it is a little bit longer, let's say you want to wear a shirt untucked, that is going to be a casual button-down. In that case, you may want to get it tailored at the bottom to be shorter so that when you wear it, again, you are only having it about, go about three inches past the waistline.

  • Popular sneakers for the office

    Sneakers are Finally getting along with Fancy Dresses

    Sneakers were probably named with an accurate meaning behind. Where have they not tried to sneak in? We are still not quite accepting the new trend of pairing up sneakers with suits. However, fancy women dresses being paired up with sneakers is something we are not being able to deny.

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  • Style rules that every man should know

    Style rules that every man should know part one

    Style rule one: Know your measurements

    Brands and manufacturers, they are putting out size medium, but what does that mean? That is their medium, they use their own models. There isn't a standard across the board so you need to create your own standards. You need to know, okay, my shoulders are 18 inches across. Guys if you know your measurements, all of a sudden you are getting out of this all subjective sizing and you are getting into objective, hey, I am this exact measurement, I know in my stomach I am this, I know in my chest, I am this, so when I put on a jacket I know what fits me and I am able to more accurately spot it.

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  • Essential items you need to pack for a short business trip

    Essential items you need to pack for a short business trip part 3

    I prefer stiffer suitcases and a small carry-on suitcase is ideal.

    Essential items you need for a short business trip, number 4: Suits

    Next up is a suit. There's probably no other garment that is more business appropriate than a dark suit. If you have to pick one, I suggest to go with a navy worsted suit, ideally single-breasted with notch lapels, either one button or two buttons, side vents, maybe some cuffs at the bottom of pants so they pull down the pants and prevent any potential wrinkles. In terms of weight, I'd go for a three-season weight. If you want just one all-rounder, you can also opt for something with an open weave.

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  • The Rainbow Trend is on the Rise

    The Rainbow Trend is on the Rise

    It is an undeniable fact that the rainbow trend took everyone and everything like a magic spell. As compared to about 3 years ago, when the rainbow colors were gradually flourishing and stepping into the basic fashion world, today the trend has its roots in almost everything you could want to buy for your rainbow look!

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  • Donald Glover And His Best Looks Of 2018

    Donald Glover and his 4 Best Looks of 2018!

    Who is not familiar with Donald Glover. The man is in the limelight for a couple of years in America as an actor, comedian, writer, director, rapper, and DJ. Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino has won many awards for his comedy show Atlanta. This versatile man got 32 million views for his new hit This is America in just two days that made it the most popular video of 2018. Donald Glover also appeared in Star Wars movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story, also, he is going to be Simba of The Lion King. It’s not about his acting or music, Donald Glover’s dressing is also what catches eyes.

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  • Essential items you need to pack for a short business trip

    Essential items you need to pack for a short business trip part 2

    So when you start packing for a business trip, I suggest to first lay everything out on your bed or maybe on a carpet, in a clean space where you have a good overview.

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