Guide and rules on how to match belt with shoes

Guide and rules on how to match belt with shoes

The rules about matching your belt to your shoes are, like a lot of men's wear rules, pretty flexible. The important thing is to understand these guidelines but to also understand that you can definitely bend and break them, to fit your preferences and your personality.

Here are some guide rules and tips that you should follow:

Guide rule number 1: Match your lathers

For example brown leather shoes and a brown leather belt, or black leather shoes and black leather belt.

Guide rule number 2: Match your metals

For example, silver belt buckle will look good with a silver watch, but you shouldn’t combine silver belt buckle with a golden watch, or with a watch in some other color.

Outfit ideas:

If you are wearing black leather shoes match them with a silver watch and a black belt with a silver buckle. On the other hand, if you are wearing brown leather shoes pair them with a watch that has a brown leather strap and a silver case, and a brown leather belt that has a silver buckle, but if you are wearing that same watch but in golden color, you should choose a gold buckle. If you are wearing dark blue suede shoes, and your watch has a navy leather strap, you can choose a dark grey belt with a metal buckle or a black buckle. The key is not to match them perfectly, the key is to coordinate with colors and to see which ones go together and look good together. Navy, grey and black look good together so any combination of these colors will look good. You can express your creativity by combining these things together, and remember that you can always bend these rules because the whole point of clothes and accessories is to have fun and to feel free to bring in the sense of your own style.