Layer your way through fall

The summer is over, and now in fall, you have to wear thicker clothes. You have to be careful what to layer on what and what clothes you should combine together.

Layer your way through fall

Here are pieces of clothing that you must have in fall to be stylish and trendy, so let’s start with a first one:

 Fall tip 1:  black crew neck sweater

You don’t have to go with a black crew neck sweater if you like some other colour, but the black one looks amazing on everyone, and goes with everything: jeans, chino pants…Under this sweater white oxford, long sleeve shirt will look amazing.

Fall tip 2: zip-up sweater

They are more for some casual outfits, but zip up sweater is super comfortable, and you can wear it around the house over a shirt or a sweater.

Fall tip 3: lightweight scarf

You may not need a scarf at the beginning of the fall, but toward the end, you will definitely need one. A scarf can look awesome over any kind of jacket, of course, if you pick one that matches with the colour of your jacket. A scarf is a good accessorise, and it will add another layer of depth and dimension to your outfit, and plus you don’t have to give too much money for a scarf. It’s easy to find good looking scarves, that are not so expensive. Scarves are usually made from light materials so they are also comfortable and they look good.

Fall tip 4: wool socks

Fall can be cold weather, so it’s the best to wear boots, that’s why you need thick and warm wool socks to go with them, and wool socks are a much better option than cotton ones because they are better at handling moisture and odour.