Is Summer Turtlenecks The New Cool?

Is Summer Turtlenecks The New Cool

Well fashion changes so frequently that it becomes hard to grasp what has been going on lately. So am I the only one wondering if turtlenecks are in nowadays? Well to be honest I find them really cool and hot too! Winter turtlenecks have always been eye catching. We are also going to provide a cognitive overview of what kind of people wear this style and how can you be one of those cool people.

I was going through the summer catalogues of different brands and wow o’ wow is turtleneck in these days!

Is It Party Wear or Not?

Absolutely yes, it is! Designers have put together complete collections for your outdoor cocktail parties. Sleeveless, turtlenecks are definitely the new cool. Other than that, velvet filled and rounded around the corner. It really looks sexy.

Is It For Men or Just the Pretty Lads?

Obviously yes it is! Haven’t you seen Drake shining of his hand stitched suit with his velvety turtleneck shirt in his last release? I don’t know about you but I was drooling all over his outfit. Turtlenecks don’t only go along your suits but also with the casual. Trust me, casual high neck shirts or turtlenecks stitched on pure cotton is comfortable and lovely. Wear what you love guys!

How To Look Chic In a Turtleneck?

Several times, famous guys have shown us how to properly roll a neck. Just look how sexy Bob Dylan looks in a black turtleneck t-shirt. Sean Connery the famous Scottish actor pulling off turtleneck. Now you must be wondering that these are the 80’s boys. Well say no more, let me introduce you to Roger Federer looking like a gentleman.

Now not only does a turtleneck add a bit style to your dressing but also adds a mature adult look to your outfit. Cognitive studies have shown that people who wear turtlenecks are usually older and mature. Steve Jobs used to wear turtlenecks and so does Bill Gates. So who doesn’t want to look mature and smart? I bet everyone single one of us does wants to be as rich and smart as both of these gentlemen.

I’ll agree on this that it does give a 70’s charm while wearing summer turtlenecks but weren’t time simpler and people cooler back then?