Button down shirts

Button down shirts

Reading the title you might be thinking that how on earth button down shirts can be an essential for scorching hot summer, we are here to tell you about how much you are missing on.

As summer time comes up people tend to get more and more hesitant wearing button down shirts and just the thought of it makes them feel uncomfortable. Let’s be honest for a moment here, no one wants to be all soaked up in their sweat wearing that kind of clothing article.

The thing is that the problem lies within our choice. When it comes to button down shirts the most common pick is 100% cotton, which is not the best even worst fabric to wear in hot summer. 100% cotton does not let your body breathe and makes you look like you are dying of dehydration if you wear it in a hot weather. So, instead of choosing 100% cotton this year around try to choose a lighter fabric like light cotton, linen or chambray.  With such fabric you would feel light as these are the fabrics that lets your body breathe.

Summers are also all about light colors. Often people make the wrong choice of colors and end up being a mess. Summer is the time of wearing lighter colors as light color reflects the light. If you are wearing a dark color shirt you will see that you would feel more hot than usual as dark colors are known to absorb light and makes the shirt hot by doing so. Besides cooling down our temperature, wearing light colors in summers gives soothing effect to our eyes.

We are basically telling you to not compromise with your style this summer. We all know how button down shirts are a sharp look for any event so why not bear the heat with style.

Short sleeved light colored shirts are in this summer and a must have clothing article. The cool and funky prints look just so right and summer-y. You can experiment with this shirt by either pairing it up with black or khaki shorts and closing the button all the way to your throat or letting the upper two open.

Even though you should prefer wearing lighter color shades but this could be an exception. What saves this is its cool pattern which gives very Hawaiian vibe. And if you pair it up with a white inner and shorts that would just look really cool.