It’s “Twenty-eighteen”, Should I Wear A Neckties?

Neckties: a formal fashion statement.

When it comes to men’s most dressy accessory, necktie always comes to one’s mind. Neckties have been around for so long in the history as an emblem of respect and dignity. People in the past were very particular about their dressing. To them, their dresses defined who they were. We humans no matter how forward we may become but some things never lose their historical value. Same is with neckties.

Want to know about neckties

In the year 2018, where many of the big office settings now prefer casual over formal, people may often find themselves wondering if wearing a necktie in recent times is really a way of looking respectable and classy. Well, wonder no more we are here with a few reasons to tell you why you should be wearing a necktie this year.

Classy Like No Other!

No matter what opinion anyone has about ties but one can just not deny the class neckties bring to the attire. It is the most effortless way of showcasing the class you have to others.

Easiest Formals

We all know that there is always this one person in our family or friends who just hates to wear formal for many of their own reasons. The most common one is that formals are very hard to put on and carry. Well, in that case, ties are the best solution for this year. Many of the big brands are now even marketing pre-tied ties and it is a huge fit for the people that just cannot do all the work. You can wear a necktie with khaki pants and a white formal shirt and throw on a blazer to complete your formal-not-so-formal look.

Ties are Trending

This year ties are definitely trending. In the 2017 runway for the possible trends of 2018 summer and spring and a much wider necktie was to be seen making it pretty clear that they are back in Vogue. The new thicker necktie for 2018 inspired from the 1970s look is a wave of refreshing air for the tie lovers as for the past few years only narrow ties were to be seen everywhere.

Still confused about wearing a necktie? Try on some looks that would make your decision for you!