Summer Men’s Footwear

Summer Men’s Footwear

The right choice of footwear can bring up even the most boring summer outfits, fashionistas agree. Finding the right pair or pairing it up with the right outfit, both are a difficult job as normally men just stick with boring old sneakers or a pair of flip-flops. You don’t have to choose between only these two when you have other better options to go with.

Leather Sandals


There is nothing wrong with wearing sneakers but when you can look so much better in other footwear why not choose them?

For all the men who care about their footwear just as they care about their outfits and those who are looking for more than just sneakers we have selected some good alternatives for them!


Something about loafers that really makes any outfit looks classy yet easy so, you get to have the comfort and easiness with the class you need. These summers go with lighter shades of loafers like, beige.


Another better alternative of footwear is Espadrille. It is for the times when you want to go casual but still want to keep up with your style statement. Casuals are the go-to look in summers and everyone wants to feel light and easy, this footwear provides with all of it. They are very easy on the toes and look very trendy with casuals.


Leather Sandals:

Now this one is a little risky and not everyone wants to wear them simply because with the wrong choice of this footwear all the trendiness of its look goes to waste. The key to remember while shopping for this footwear is that go with the simple ones not too many straps and preferably choose colors that would work well with many other outfits and are less risky like, black or brown. This footwear are the ultimate alternative for boring flip-flops and they just lifts up your overall look and lets your feet get the air that they want.

Leather Sandals

One strap slips:

This one is for the times you would spend on the beaches or the pool or while just hanging around in your house or a friend’s house. These are a really cool and casual footwear and a must have in summers. Minimal efforts but still trendy.

One Strap Slips