A man’s guide for wearing shorts and 3 types of shorts men need

Wearing shorts is one of the best ways to look cool, casual, and stylish, and to stay cool during the summer time.

A man’s guide for wearing shorts and 3 types of shorts men need

Here are 3 types of shorts that every man needs in the summertime, and a guide on how to wear shorts like a man:

1. Chino shorts

This type is classic and you can never go wrong with it. Chino shorts matches well with dress shirts and polo shirts. The awesome thing about this type of shorts is that it is wrinkle resistant, so you won’t have to worry about that.

2. Classic denim shorts

You can wear it with polo shirts, but you can dress up denim shorts with a long sleeve button up shirt. You can go more casual with denim shorts and choose a ripped one, which is also very trendy. If the weather gets colder, you can always pair it with a henley shirt and a denim jacket.

3. Black denim shorts

You can pair black denim shorts with everything, and monochromatic outfits can look really good with it, plus you can dress it up or down if you want.

The point of clothing is to wear clothes that improve your look, so wearing bad fitting ones, or any kind of clothing that doesn’t fit you well will make you look unstylish. The very important thing when you are choosing a pair of shorts is its length. It shouldn’t go past your knees, because that is too long, but it shouldn’t be shorter than about 3-4 inches. You should avoid large bold patterns, obvious brands logos, and choose solid colors which are always a good decision, like khaki, black, brown, beige, burgundy and olive. If you like patterns, choose wisely because too large patterns can make you look larger, so, for example, small dots or small checks are fine. Also, you should avoid cargo shorts, because if you have too many things you need with you, it's just better to carry a bag. You can wear it only if you are on a safari. This is important for a shorter man because that much pockets will make your frame even smaller.