How to Wear Ripped Jeans for Men

One menswear piece that has been dipping in and out of style over the years is ripped denim. Lately, they have made their way back into the fashion scene, so you don’t have to be a Rockstar to pull it off. Besides, pairing them with a plainer top will leave the rips to do the warbling for you.

How to Wear Ripped Jeans for Men

The general rule of wearing ripped jeans is to keep the hole narrower than the part of your leg that is under the denim. Wider rips will shove your leg out of the gap every time you bend it. It is not a pretty sight to have hairy legs dangling out of your ripped jeans. The ideal ripped jeans have just two and a half-slits. Anything more than this will be very distracting.
Now that you know what kind of rips to have, here is how to wear ripped jeans for men.

How to Wear Ripped Jeans for Men: Leather Jacket

When pairing them with leather jackets, the key thing is the contrast. For looser jackets, you should have tighter jeans and vice versa. This contrast applies to other looks of your pieces too. For a smart pair of ripped jeans, the best combination would be a jacket with vintage and rough look. As for the underneath, a plain t-shirt will work like a charm.

How to Wear Ripped Jeans for Men: Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jackets have been a part of men’s style since the 1920s. The key with bomber jackets is to go with a minimalist and sleek option when pairing them up with ripped jeans. A dark neutral color bomber is also a great option.

How to Wear Ripped Jeans for Men: Shirt

When you pair ripped jeans with a shirt, you start to smarten things up from the casual side. A versatile option to have in your arsenal is an oxford button-down shirt.