Suits for big men

You had over to a store but you are overwhelmed by color and style choices, so how you have a problem from where to start. Suits make you look good in every occasion.

Suits for big men

Here are 4 suits that are going to look good on every man, especially if you are a ‘’big’’ man:

Suits option 1: Navy suit

This is a good option for going to job interviews, for going to work or ever for going on a date. The best is to look for a nach lapel on a suit and to get a two button suit, that will make your suit classic and timeless. A good thing about the navy suit is that it looks good on pretty much everyone.

Suits option 2: Chino suit

This suit is great for a hot weather, because it’s lighter weight and you will feel comfortable in it, and this cotton suit will make you stylish. Plus this beige colour is good to match with anything. And the khaki cotton suit is easy to dress up or dress down: if you want to be dressy trow on some loafers, and if you want to dress down this suit wear white sneakers.

Suits option 3: Black double breasted suit

This is an advanced style move, but make sure it’s cut close and trimmed to the body because if it isn’t it can easily make your suit look boxy and old-fashioned, but nowadays suits are well fitted close to the body.

Suits option 4: Grey flannel suit

Grey is a classic colour that never goes out of fashion. This is the suit you can put on and feel warm, but still look serious. You can wear it to work, or even at a wedding. Plus flannel will keep you warm when the temperature drops.