First date - Dress to impress

First date - Dress to impress

Before a first date, it’s normal to be nervous and not to be sure what to wear. You don’t want to dress too casual, but of course, you don’t want to dress too formally either.

It’s hard to decide, so that’s why I am here to give you an advice and 3 outfits that you could wear on a first date:

First date outfit 1:

Let’s say you are going on a coffee for a first date. It’s during the day and you should dress casually. If it’s cold outside you can wear boots, lighter washed jeans because it’s for a day. Then, a black sweater, or a three button henley shirt. You can wear a puffer jacket or even a leather jacket. If it’warmer outside, you can wear a V-neck t-shirt and a denim jacket.

First date outfit 2:

This outfit is a bit dressier than the first one. You can wear brown loafers, and make sure to wear matching socks. The pants can be black chino pants which are nice, lightweight and casual, but little dressier than denim jeans. For the top you can wear a beige V-neck sweater, blue one can be nice too. For a jacket, a leather one is okay but if you want to dress it up a little bit you could wear a coat.

First date outfit 3:

If your first date is during the evening, maybe you’re going dancing or for a nice dinner, this is what you should wear. For shoes, pick monk strap shoes. They are playful and a bit nicer than the ones that you wore during the day. For pants, wear dark denim jeans which are better to be worn at night than the lighter ones. And for the shirt, the best is to pick a white oxford shirt. It has long sleeves but you can roll them up. And if it’s cold outside you should definitely wear a coat, because you should dress up an outfit, but a well-fitting leather jacket is not bad either.