Winter gear you can’t do without

Winter gear you can’t do without

In every season you have some must-have clothes or essentials that you need in your wardrobe, but you have the most of them in winter. That’s because you need a hat, gloves, scarves,...

This is winter gear that every man should own.

Winter gear 1: Boots

This year Chelsea boots are trendy, but also very stylish are suede boots. Suede boots are a little bit hard to clean and to take care of but they will look good with pretty much any outfit. You can wear them with chinos or with jeans. Brown suede boots look good with a dark grey coat, and beige suede boots look really good with a black coat, and a white shirt.

Winter gear 2: Jacket

Puffer jackets are perfect for a casual outfit, but you can dress them up to look very chic. Black ones look good and you can dress up a black jacket with a colourful scarf, but you can step out of the box and buy a red one, which is trendy. Of course, you can choose some different outwear like a leather jacket or a coat. Coats are good if you need to be formally dressed for work, or some special occasion, because coats look good on everyone, if you choose one that fits you well, and plus if you don’t have to dress formal, you can dress them down.

Winter gear 3: Bag

Bags are not only for women, and they can look awesome in winter months with a coat. In a bag, you can put your gloves, a hat, a scarf, when you are not wearing them, headphones, sunglasses, or anything you need for cold weather.

Winter gear 4: Winter Vest

If you don’t like wearing jackets or coats, or you just live somewhere where is not too cold in winter, you can wear a vest. The winter vest is usually for casual outfits, so you can wear it with a hoodie, with a sweater, or with a henley shirt. You could dress up a winter vest if you wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt.