Keeping warm in winter: Men’s outwear

Winter and fall are seasons when you can show your style the most, because you get to layer, to pair clothes, and you get to wear stylish outwear.

Keeping warm in winter - Mens outwear

Here are 3 awesome options for outwear, jackets every man should have in his closet:

Outwear option 1: Leather jacket

It doesn’t get more ‘’bad boy’’ than a good quality leather jacket. This is a super option because you can dress it up if you want. The good leather jacket could be a little bit more expensive but think about it as a good investment. You can wear leather jacket longer, depending on the quality of the jacket. Of course when you are buying a leather jacket, buy one that is classic, timeless, and one that won’t go out of style soon. A black leather jacket is the easiest one to pair with clothing so you can pair it with for example black Chelsea boots, grey jeans and a beige henley shirt.

Outwear option 2: Field jacket

This jacket is usually waterproof and has a lot of pockets. It's good if it’s raining. Also, this style of a jacket gives your outfit a military vibe, which is really trendy right now. You can dress up this jacket by wearing it on a suit, or you can have a more casual outfit like denim jeans, a green shirt, brown boots and this jacket.

Outwear option 3: Puffer jacket

This jacket is awesome for areas where can get really cold, because it is good in isolating heat, and it will keep you warm. Puffer jacket looks the best with dark denim jeans and black boots, and this kind of outfit will give you street style vibe. Of course, just like a field jacket, you can dress up this jacket too, by wearing it on the suit.