Yes, Suits do talk! Know What Your Suit Color Says about You

Do you often find it confusing to choose color of a suit for an occasion? Well, it is very common. There are plenty of attractive colors and it can be really difficult to find whether a color will complement the occasion or not. However, it may help you to decide when you know what a certain suit color says about your personality. Every color adds certain details to your style and conveys a specific message about you. Read on to find out what your color suit says about you.

Yes - Suits do talk! Know What Your Suit Color Says about You

What Blue Suit Color says

Blue suits come in a plenty of variations, and they look pleasant and fun. If you are wearing blue, it will denote authority and dignity, especially if it is navy-blue. So, this is the best color to wear on formal occasions and interviews. Being a versatile color, blue can also be used for casual events.

What Black Suit Color says

Black suits are elegant, classic and timeless. Black denotes grace and power which makes you look dominant and assertive. Black suit also invokes emotions. It is the best choice for formal events. You can wear them on weddings, promos, funerals and plenty of other formal occasions. Black suit is a must have item for a man’s wardrobe.

What Gray Suit Color says

Gray is an extremely versatile color. From dark charcoal to dove-gray, it comes in numerous shades. This color conveys reliability and work ethics. You can wear gray on formal as well as casual occasions. It gives you a classy and stylish look.

What Brown Suit Color says

Brown is not a formal suit color. You can use it for the events that are casual. Brown makes you look like an approachable person, just like all the other earth tone colors do. However, if it is dark brown and includes the shades of red, it will denote strength. Brown can be a good choice for casual gatherings and informal dealings.

What White Suit Color says

Like black, it is also an evergreen and classic color that looks great on almost all the skin tones. White color projects peace and gentleness. However, if it is too shiny, it will convey that you are flashy, bold and confident person. This color is good for casual affairs and parties.

Now that you know what your suit color says about your personality, choose a color that suits your taste and the occasion. The money spent on your suits will earn you much more. So, don’t wait and buy some nice suits for you.