Eye Candies of 2018!

Best Shawn Mendes Outfits So Far

Eye Candies of 2018!

We all enjoyed music throughout 2018 made by our favorite artists. Several hits and emotional traumatic songs were the talk of the town. It's important for every celebrity to look as good as they sound on tape, so here are the hotties and eye candies who took over fashion 2018!

All these three young gentlemen have specialities in their own capabilities but when it comes to fashion and specifically fashion 2018, these were the quite best personalities the audience came across. Not only do these guy carry an attitude of perfection around but also they can pull of a suit!

Zayn Malik

Well you can not talk about fashion until unless your list starts with this name; Zayn Malik ladies and gentlemen. This young lad who is king of hearts all around the world, ruled fashion 2018 with his amazing outfits and suits. Just like his hits; Dusk Till Dawn and Let Me, Zayn looked very hot and in style on the red carpet of every event. Here are few heartwarming pictures of Zayn, marking his territory in the fashion department.

Justin Timberlake

Now now we all know his latest album “Man of the Woods” wasn't the best music we have heard. Regardless, Justin, always manages to pull off to be the talk of the town. Starting from his relationship status to his fashion sense. Yes! Justin Timberlake made it to number 2 on the hot list published by Billboard. The multimillionaire Justin Timberlake, looked very alluring as always everywhere. His team is crying a river worrying if Justin will have his breakthrough sooner or later. Well until he surprises us again on the news, have a look at him owning what is his!

Shawn Mendes

Well we all know where our young handsome lad has those stitches, he surprised everyone at the Met Gala by breaking the stereotypical dress code. The theme for the show was “Catholic Imagination” while Shawn didn't chose to wear a crucifix on his head rather he opted for a sober-slight-fancy maroon suit, breaking hearts all around the world. Shawn Mendes managed to make it to the 6th position on the all hottie list by Billboard. Not only at the Met, Shawn has been spotted at several places looking all classy in his suits.