Men's style:9 Tips for improving your look

Those are tips that can help you with improving your look:

Mens style - 9 Tips for improving your look

Improving your look tip 1: Cuff your pants

An easy way to look better is to cuff your pants, or jeans, go with two and a cuff shouldn’t be wider than about an inch.

Improving your look tip 2: Always tuck in your dress shirt

Dress shirts are meant to be used tucked in, that way they look cleanest and make you look sharp.

Improving your look tip 3: Wear a watch

A nice watch will make you look better and it will an elevate your outfit. There are many types of watches like a racing watch, dive watch, so it’s up to you, but the one that will look the best is the dress watch.

Improving your look tip 4: Wear your shirt sleeves properly

A lot of men tend to just unbutton their sleeves and stuck them all the way up. That is nog good because it will look messy. The better thing to do is to unbutton your sleeves, roll it up to your elbow, and than roll it one more time. The sleeves will than stay nice and snug around your arms.

Improving your look tip 5: Don’t wear sunglasses or a hat indoors or during the night

The whole point of these items is for functionality, to keep you from the sun, so if you are already inside there is no need to be wearing them.

Improving your look tip 6: Don’t wear too many accessories

Less is more. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn't wear them at all, but don’t overdo them.

Improving your look tip 7: Get the right haircut

Haircut changes the way you look, so if you have a rounder face, get a haircut that’s a little bit slimmer on the sides because that way your face will look elongated, and if you have tinner's face get a haircut that has more volume on the sides.

Improving your look tip 8: Use coconut oil

You can use it if you have dried out hair, coconut oil will repair your ends and give your hair nice shine, then you can put it on your lips overnight which will hydrate them and make them feel softer, or you can even whiten your teeth with it.

Improving your look tip 9: Be positive

People like to be around positive people, and that’s because positivity makes everybody feel better. If you are smiling and having fun, you will instantly be more attractive, than when you are not smiling. Plus, it’s absolutely free.