The 3 style of shoes every man should have

By choosing right shoes, you can take an average outfit an elevated to excellent, so these are the 3 must-need shoes, that will keep you prepared for any outfit and any style that you want to pull off, and look great in.

Stylish Portabella Leather Monk Strap Shoe

Now I will name 3 styles of shoes that every man should have

Style of shoes one: Chelsea boots

They look the best with denim jeans, a simple t-shirt, and a leather jacket. Chelsea boots are simple, they work with pretty much everything casual, and if you have to dress more formal, you can even wear them with a suit. A good tip is to wear socks that are the same color as boots, so when you tuck your jeans into the boots and they peek out, it won’t be visible. If you want to look like a bad boy, even tho you are probably a very nice guy, these boots are definitely for you.

Style of shoes two: Monk strap shoes

There are simple monk strap shoes with 2 buckles which are basic, and you can never go wrong with them, and there are monk strap shoes with only one buckle, which are edgy and stylish. They are less formal shoes than for example oxford shoes, and they look better in brown or burgundy color than in black. Of course, you can buy black monk strap shoes if you wear a lot of grey suits. These shoes will look awesome if you pair them with patterned socks dotted or striped.

Styles of shoes three: Sneakers

There are two types of sneakers that you need. First are gym sneakers that are for running or for a workout, and a good thing about them is that they are a light-weight and important thing when you buy them is that they give good arch support. Also, you need everyday sneakers which can be worn with a polo shirt and jeans, or if you want to dress them up you can wear these sneakers with chinos and a long sleeves button up shirt. The best thing to do is to buy white basic everyday sneakers because you can pair them with literally any outfit you want.