5 Men’s Fashion Myths Debunked

The most important thing is to wear what you like and what makes you feel incredible.

5 Men’s Fashion Myths Debunked

Here are some myths and things you should avoid doing, so let’s start with a first fashion myth:

Fashion myth 1: Belt and shoes need to match

So here is a thing, if you are wearing dress shoes and a leather belt, the leather should absolutely match in terms of texture, finish and colour, but if you decide to wear a fabric belt, that is not from leather, you shouldn’t worry about that.

Fashion myth 2: You shouldn't wear patterns

The thing about patterns is that smaller ones will make you look slimmer, but you should maybe stay away from the bigger patterns because they will make you look larger. Patterns are interesting and they give you a chance to be creative and show how original and innovative you can be.

Fashion myth 3: You should only invest in high priced items for your wardrobe

There are a lot of stores that offer you good things, but at a good price, where you don’t have to spend a lot of money. That allows you to have fun while shopping, and to buy trendier items. This is important to remember because fashion changes a lot in a small period of time, and you don’t want to spend too much money on some shirt that maybe won’t even be trendy next year.

Fashion myth 4: You can wear athletic socks with any dressy outfit

You should never do this because it looks unprofessional, it dresses down your outfit and makes you look like you don’t have a clue what should be worn with dressy outfits.

Fashion myth 5: Never wear black and navy blue together

So wrong! These two colours look amazing together, so you can absolutely wear them together.