The 3 shirts every man should always have in his wardrobe

Henley mens shirts

You always throw on a pair of favorite jeans, it’s usually an easy choice, but when it comes to shirts there’s plenty of options, from color to style. Less is more, and here is a selection of the three most important and wearable shirts that every stylish man should own. If you have these shirts you will always have a chic and classy outfit.

Those are 3 shirts that every man should always have in his wardrobe:

1.Polo shirts

You can wear it with shorts, for a day outfit, jeans, tucked in with a nice belt, or untucked it’s your choice if you want to dress it up or not, or even in a business occasion. It’s timeless and classic, matches with everything and coordinates with anything. The most important thing about the polo shirt is the quality and the fitting. It should be snug around on the chest and arm area but through the body, it shouldn’t be too tight as well.

2. Long sleeve button-up shirts

First, it needs to look structured, needs to have a button down collar that doesn’t collapse, and to fit good. It can be with some playful pattern and in a vibrant color, or you can choose a more simple one that can be worn with a suit or for a night out. Also, we can’t forget a basic white long sleeve shirt that is clean, appropriate and looks amazing on everyone, and blue long sleeve shirt that works with grey, black, or some lighter colors like beige.

3. Henley shirts

This type of a shirt is stylish and masculine. Henley shirt is great to be worn in a fall or winter, if it has long sleeves, with some jeans and boots. It is an alternative look to the polo or the t-shirt, but it is a bit dressier because of the buttons. It is usually made of cotton so it is very comfortable. You can wear it around the house, play sport in it or if you want to dress it up, wear this shirt under a denim jacket.