5 Things Everyone Wish They Knew before Ordering a Men’s Suit Online

5 Things Everyone Wish They Knew before Ordering Men’s Suit Online

A couple of days back, a friend ordered a men’s suit online.

He wanted to wear it for his cousin’s marriage. He wanted to look his best for her wedding.

“Your brother will impress all the girls in marriage.” He had proudly announced.

However, when the men's suit arrived, the poor guy was heartbroken. He wanted to look like Tom Cruise but was now looking like… it’s beyond explanation.

We seriously didn’t know whether to laugh on his situation or feel sad for him.

I don’t want you to face this situation.

Hence, I have come with a couple of tips that you must follow before ordering a men’s suit online.

Have a look:

1. Know your measurements

You can never order yourself a perfect suit unless you’re aware of what size fits you the best.
So, first you’ll have to visit your local tailor and various stores, try a couple of suits, and know what size fits you the best.

2. Don’t get confused between different size scales

If you might’ve observed carefully, you would see that clothes and shoes come in two different scales: UK and US. The clothes in UK scale and often different in size. So, it’s important to know about your measurement in both UK and US size.

Some fashion websites also offer conversion tables so that you don’t make any wrong purchasing decision.

3. You can get your suit fit with the help of your tailor

I have this habit of visiting my tailor once after I purchase a new pair of shirt or jeans. I ask him to make the cloth fit according to my preference. Trust me this always helps. Moreover, they don’t even charge you much.

4. Try unknown brands as well

Once I had purchased a jacket from an unknown brand. I wore it for 3 years and it was always so great. Still, today I wear it on rare occasions.
What I am trying to tell here is that it’s not only the popular brands that give you amazing men’s suits to wear. Sometimes less known brands can do the same.

5. Read the return policy carefully

Return policies are cleverly designed. If you don’t read them, you wouldn’t even realize that you have been duped. Some stores have 14 days return policy while some charge you a fee.

So, read the return policy before purchasing your suit online. Will save you from a lot of trouble.

Have anything else to share? Let us know.