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  • When to wear crazy and bold socks, and how to match them

    There is a difference between bold socks and novelty ones. Bold socks might grab attention to themselves, they are not tacky, but the novelty socks are funnier, and they are not supposed to add class to your outfit. Traditional ones are more in solid colors and with small patterns, but on the other hand, bold colors are more in brighter colors and larger patterns.

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  • How to choose the best glasses and frames for your face shape

    Glasses add a dimension to your face, but a lot of people don't know how to buy proper glasses.

    The secret is in your face shape, so every face shape has a frame that looks the best. There are generally 4 basic face shapes: square, round, oval and heart/diamond, so the easiest way to see what is your face shape, is to see where is the widest part of your face. For square face shape the forehead, the cheeks, and the chin are all wide, for round face shape the forehead is rounded, the cheeks are wide and the chin is rounded, for oval face shape the forehead is narrow, the cheeks are wide, and the chin is narrow, and for the heart/diamond on the forehead and the cheeks are wide but the chin is narrow. The important thing is to balance the size of the face and the size of the glasses. Here are some examples: Continue reading

  • Guide and rules on how to match belt with shoes

    The rules about matching your belt to your shoes are, like a lot of men's wear rules, pretty flexible. The important thing is to understand these guidelines but to also understand that you can definitely bend and break them, to fit your preferences and your personality. Continue reading

  • The summer is over, and now in fall, you have to wear thicker clothes. You have to be careful what to layer on what and what clothes you should combine together.

    Layer your way through fall

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  • Is Summer Turtlenecks The New Cool

    Well fashion changes so frequently that it becomes hard to grasp what has been going on lately. So am I the only one wondering if turtlenecks are in nowadays? Well to be honest I find them really cool and hot too! Winter turtlenecks have always been eye catching. We are also going to provide a cognitive overview of what kind of people wear this style and how can you be one of those cool people. Continue reading

  • 7 style tips for every man part two

    7 style tips for every man part two

    Dressing with style is very important for every man in the world. If you dress without style, sloppy and not so well, you will have a lot of problems in your life. Problem with finding a job in the first place. Here is a tip for dressing better, with more style and for making your life easier.

    Style tip number three: Learn and live the style pyramid

    You've got fit, function, fabric, and these three form the FFF pyramid.

    1. Fit- that is king. All of your clothing whenever you buy it, it has to fit your body type. When you wear the clothes that fit you, all of a sudden it is going to look great. If you don't nail the fit, nothing else matters

    2. Function- you want to have the right outfit, the right garment for the occasion. If you are going to go into an interview and you are working at the warehouse, you don't need to show up wearing a suit to that interview. It is the wrong item. It doesn't function properly. Look at what the uniform is what people are naturally wearing to work, but you want to make sure that whatever you wear actually is serving the function of sending the message you want to send the world.

    3. Fabric- when you start to make more money, look at what is the uniform, what do you wear on a daily basis, then start to invest. It may be casual clothing, it may be high-quality denim, it may be nice button-down shirts, whatever your uniform is and what message you want to send the world make sure that you start spending more on it by looking at better construction, better clothing, the actual build of it you want to spend more here because you want to get

  • Dress to Impress: Tips and Tricks

    Let me give you an insight about what a man’s dress tell you about his personality, what kinds of outfit suit your personality and what kind of a person you seem to others. Colors you wear share vibes around you, for example you are more to be entrusted with a secret if you wear light blue mostly. Continue reading

  • Button down shirts

    Reading the title you might be thinking that how on earth button down shirts can be an essential for scorching hot summer, we are here to tell you about how much you are missing on. Continue reading

  • Neckties: a formal fashion statement.

    When it comes to men’s most dressy accessory, necktie always comes to one’s mind. Neckties have been around for so long in the history as an emblem of respect and dignity. People in the past were very particular about their dressing. To them, their dresses defined who they were. We humans no matter how forward we may become but some things never lose their historical value. Same is with neckties.

    Want to know about neckties

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  • Summer Men Shoes Guide

    Summer is that time of the year where no one really wants to wear anything slightly heavy. Everyone is looking for comfort and clothing articles that do not make them feel like it is 100 degrees outside. The weather itself is so hot that people prefer wearing lighter clothing article, be it a shirt or shoes. However, this is the time of the year where people can sport some really good shoes. Continue reading

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