5 Things to Know before Purchasing Patent Leather Shoes

5 Things to Know before Purchasing Patent Leather Shoes

In our previous blog, I mentioned why you should have patent leather shoes in your collection.

Now, if you have decide to buy yourself a new pair, there are a few queries that you might be having in your mind like:
What pair of clothes go well with these shoes?

Should we wear casual jeans with them or not?

Well, we are here to answer all those queries.

In this post, we’ll tell you a couple of things that you must be aware of before purchasing patent leather shoes. Have a look:

1. Patent Leather Shoes are particularly easy to clean

Patent leather shoes have plastic coating over them. This makes them easy to clean. All you need is simply wipe the dirt off and they will be shiny as before.


2. White patent leather shoes are available

In case you’re inspired by Ryan Gosling and want to rock his iconic white look, there’s a great news for you.
Patent leather shoes are available in white. So go, buy a pair, and look your best.

3. They are available in sneakers and loafers

Those who don’t like formal shoes can also rock patent leather shoes because they’re available in the form of sneakers and loafers as well.

4. You can wear them with casual dresses as well

This is the best thing about Patent leather shoes. They go well with just about every kind of dress. They look equally cool in your leather jacket and jeans as they will look with your formal suit.
Not only you can wear them for meetings but you can rock them for office parties as well. This makes them an excellent choice for just about every occasion.

5. Polish them from time to time

Earlier we mentioned that patent leather shoes are easy to clean. Yet the marks of damage can be visibly clear on the plastic coating. So, you’ll need to polish them from time to time.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide to have your patent shoes polished:
· Use a clean damp cloth to remove dust from your shoes
· Now, apply the thick layer of boot polish to the entire surface
· Let the leather dry for three to five minutes

After a while, you’ll realize that the shoes are as shiny as they were at the time when you purchased them. Now enjoy.

That’s all. Want to ask anything else related to your patent leather shoes? Let me know in comments.