How to Wear Your Shirts This Summer

How to Wear Your Shirts This Summer

Every season witnesses some sort of a trend to gain popularity. This summer, one of the fads in shirts is a mixture of 80s flamboyant style and 90s revival. This retro style is bringing back the boxy fit, flimsy material and the choice of colors tends to be on the brighter side. These shirts are perfect to keep you feeling both aesthetically and literally cool. Here is a detailed look at this trendy style and how to wear your shirts this summer.

How to Wear Your Shirts This Summer: Cuban Collar

Cuban collars have plenty of varies to pick from. Each one has the ideal place to be donned, and each one will give you a distinct look. Whether you are wearing the mandarin, the button down, the Cuban or the cutaway one, they all have the individuality to them. The key is to choose the balance between looking too formal and too retro.

How to Wear Your Shirts This Summer: Choose Looser Cuts

These shirts already come with looser cuts as compared to other shirts. The boxy style of these loose cut shirts can be pulled off by guys with any body type, given that you don’t pick something too oversized. Don’t wear them with baggy pants. Ideally, they should be paired with straight trousers or jeans. Otherwise, you will end up looking like a literal throwback from the 80s.

How to Wear Your Shirts This Summer: Pattern and Color Are the Keys

Even if you have a wardrobe loaded with shirts that you put on every summer season, it would be a great idea to try something refreshing this time. This summer, try to refresh the colors and the patterns that you usually wear. This might sound like a daunting task, but it all boils down to nailing the color part. Once that is done, the rest will become much easier. Remember, the key is the pattern and the color of the shirt.